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30 years of expertise

Komptenz seit 30 Jahren

If you want to efficiently and effectively use modern boiler systems, regular and thorough heat exchanger cleaning is absolutely essential.

Trust in experience!

Shot cleaning, as used on the market by FGW GmbH for many years, is the ideal way of cleaning heating surfaces that are exposed to flue gas.

Professionalism and specialised knowledge are what are required in this sector. FGW GmbH is highly familiar with all application fields of shot cleaning units. The company supplies spare parts and operating media – not only for new systems, but also for existing shot cleaning units, for example systems manufactured by FEG/Hutter. This also means that any required “original spare parts” as well as other accessories for air puff blowers from the FEG / Hutter supply programme can be procured by us, and if required commissioned.

Commissioning new systems

Is your company in the process of commissioning a new system, but you are not certain which product would be best for your applications? FGW GmbH will be pleased to advise you on site – both on FEG/Hutter systems and on other shot cleaning units, as required. We will also gladly assist you with re-commissioning systems after prolonged periods of downtime.

Your advantages

As an FGW GmbH customer, you profit from our employees’ many years of experience. Key elements of the FGW GmbH team are the former employees of the Datteln-based company FEG Heizflächen-Reinigungsanlagen GmbH. As well as its employees, FGW GmbH has also taken over FEG’s technical documentation.

Opt for shot cleaning units that have proven to be effective and efficient in operation and place your trust in the innovative solutions and developments from the company FGW GmbH.

As a customer of FGW GmbH, you can be sure that you are in good hands with our experienced staff.



Our Services

Our Services

We provide a complete range of services for professional system cleaning. Further information is available here:

Operation medium

Spare parts


How does it work?

How does shot cleaning work?

Here is a diagram with an overview of a shot cleaning unit.

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