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Shot cleaning units: operating medium

Operating medium for shot cleaning units

The right operating medium is one of the most important factors for satisfactory and economically efficient cleaning of heating surfaces exposed to flue gas. There are many “blasting abrasives” available on the market, however most of them are unsuitable or only partly suitable for use in shot cleaning units. Most of these blasting abrasives are too hard; they break as they move through the heat exchangers and form sharp edges, causing a high level of wear and tear on the shot cleaning unit and on the pipes of the heating surface.

Soft steel shots: an especially high level of cleaning

The “soft steel shots” specially designed for use in shot cleaning units are soft-annealed in a separate production step. The material is asymmetrically shaped. This means that the shots do not bounce in geometrically determinable paths over the heating surface but instead follow uneven courses, achieving a significantly better level of cleaning.

Versions and packaging units

Soft steel shots are available in five different sizes and can usually be supplied from stock. Cast iron shots can, of course, also be used. However, FGW GmbH only recommends this in certain application cases, for example in systems where the shot cleaning unit is only rarely switched on and therefore wear and tear does not need to be taken into account.

To enable easy handling, the shots are packed in 25kg sacks. The shots are supplied as standard in packaging units of 1000 kg.

Other packaging units are naturally available on request.


30 years of expertise

30 years of expertise

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Our Services

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How does it work?

How does shot cleaning work?

Here is a diagram with an overview of a shot cleaning unit.

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