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Company Profile

FGW shot cleaning GmbH specialises in supplies and services for shot cleaning units and air puff blowers. The company has over 990 shot cleaning systems on its books worldwide.

What we do

FGW shot cleaning GmbH supplies spare parts and operating media for new units as well as systems built from 1950 onwards. The company has developed cost-effective production processes that keep costs stable for you as a customer, in spite of rising raw material costs. FGW shot cleaning GmbH regularly analyses and optimises the various processes, which in certain areas even results in cost reductions – all to your advantage: the potential savings are directly passed on to you. Furthermore, for larger supply quantities, FGW shot cleaning GmbH is pleased can to offer special conditions to its customers.

Our team

Our employees are highly familiar with all application fields of shot cleaning units. Each individual employee in the FGW shot cleaning GmbH team has many years of experience in planning, manufacturing and commissioning shot cleaning units and air puff blowers. This knowledge is expertly applied during the planning and production process and when carrying out practical work on site.


An important element in the constellation of FGW shot cleaning GmbH is the engineering division. Numerous clients take advantage of our ongoing consulting service during all stages of their project. Our neutral advice is much appreciated by our clients when planning and designing shot cleaning units and air puff blower systems to achieve optimum systems for their company’s operations.

Service, Spare Parts und Operating media

Spare parts and operating media as well as advice on questions related to heating surface cleaning round off the comprehensive range of services offered by FGW shot cleaning GmbH Take advantage of our friendly service – we will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have!

30 years of expertise

30 years of expertise

Profit from our many years of experience: tried-and-tested methods with proven efficient results as well as innovative modern solutions.

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Our Services

Our Services

We provide a complete range of services for professional system cleaning. Further information is available here:

Operation medium

Spare parts


How does it work?

How does shot cleaning work?

Here is a diagram with an overview of a shot cleaning unit.

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